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Alternative options to university

During the last few weeks, students have been provided with support and guidance on applying to university through UCAS, writing their personal statement for university and attending university Open Days. Over the coming weeks, we will also provide more information on alternatives to university because we appreciate that not all Sixth Form students will be interested in undergraduate study. In the meantime, here is a useful website about alternatives to university which has been shared with all Year 12 students:

University Open Days

In assembly this week, as well as announcing our new Student Ambassadors, I will talk students about University Open Days. There have been a lot of University Open Days so far this year and there are over 100 scheduled for June alone. Students should have already started to visit/to look into University Open Days; it is an incredibly important thing to do when applying to University. If an Open Day is on the same day as Sixth Form, that's fine, students need to simply complete a green absence form.

I have put together a 'Top Questions to ask at University Open Days' document which is available for students from Mrs Kurcewicz's desk.

Finally, here are a list of useful websites for our students:

Sixth Form Induction Day - Monday 1st July 2019

Every Year 11 student who has applied to study with us in September 2019 have been given a letter inviting them to our Sixth Form Induction Day on Monday 1st July 2019 from 9am until 3.20pm. If students wish to/are able to attend, they should bring their reply slip to Main Reception by Wednesday 12th June if they are internal, or post their reply slip to Swanwick Hall School for the attention of Mrs Hollingsworth by Wednesday 19th June.

If you wish to discuss the Sixth Form Induction Day or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01773 602106 or via

UCAS - Applying to University

All Year 12 students started to register for UCAS in PSHE last week in order to apply for University. We appreciate that not all students in our Sixth Form will go to University but at this stage, we ensure that every student at least registers in case they change their mind at a later date. All Sixth Form students have been provided with a support booklet to assist them in completing their application and will be provided with further support in future PSHE sessions. Students will also benefit from guidance about other Post-18 options in the coming weeks.

Sixth Form Tea Party

On Friday 24th May, we said an emotional farewell to our fantastic Year 13 students with our annual Sixth Form Tea Party and Prize Giving. It has been a pleasure working with them and we wish them all the best in any remaining exams and in their future pursuits. We look forward to seeing them all on A Level Results Day on  Thursday 15th August at 10am.

UCAS and Post-18 options

Between now and the Summer holidays, Year 12 students will start looking into Post-18 options. In PSHE, we will show students how to log on to UCAS and will help them to start filling in their UCAS application for University. All Year 12 students will also benefit from guidance in writing their Personal Statements during PSHE. Of course not all students will choose to move on to university, therefore, we will target those students and provide them with information about other options which we will then explore in greater depth during the Autumn Term. We urge all students to start attending University Open Days now as they will be applying for their places in the Autumn Term. Further information can be found on the following link:

Student Finance

Year 13 Students, who are going to be starting university in 2019, can now apply for Student Finance through the following website:
Parents/Carers and Students may also find the below websites useful in preparing to apply for Student Finance:

Year 12 Work Experience - Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July 2019

Just before the Christmas break, all Year 12 students were provided with a letter and a guide for parents/carers about Work Experience. Students are responsible for finding their own placement using the Derby County Council Database:                       
More information about how to log on to the database and Work Experience in general, please see the attached letter and parent/carer guide below.