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Student Finance

Year 13 Students, who are going to be starting university in 2019, can now apply for Student Finance through the following website:
Parents/Carers and Students may also find the below websites useful in preparing to apply for Student Finance:

Year 12 - University Open Days

Year 12 students may want to start thinking about looking at University Open Days and deciding which universities they would like to visit. More information on Open Days can be found on the following website:
If students wish to attend a University Open Day during the week, we are happy to authorise this absence. Students must simply complete a green absence form and show us their booking confirmation for the event.

University Choices

This week, Year 13 students have had an assembly to advise them on how to make their firm and insurance choices for University. Here are some links to two useful websites which offer further guidance:
If students wish to discuss their options further, we encourage them to talk to a member of the Sixth Form Team.

Year 12 Work Experience - Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July 2019

Just before the Christmas break, all Year 12 students were provided with a letter and a guide for parents/carers about Work Experience. Students are responsible for finding their own placement using the Derby County Council Database:                       
More information about how to log on to the database and Work Experience in general, please see the attached letter and parent/carer guide below.