This section is designed to give you information about all the different ways in which you can support your child in Year 7 to 9.

If you feel that you would like to see specific information included within this section we would always welcome your input.  Please email enquiries@swanwickhall.derbyshire.sch.uk with your ideas.

Year 7 Parents' Evening

Thank you to those parents who attended the curriculum talks at the recent Year 7 Parents' Evening. If you weren't able to attend, you can download the presentation below.


  • Support  your child to be at school, on time, and ready to learn.
  • Check your child’s planner regularly and sign it every week
  • Make sure your child has the correct equipment for school
  •  Encourage them to pack their own school bag the night before 
  • Talk to them about organisation skills, are there any ideas they have that could help them e.g. folder for homework


  • Talk to your child about the homework that have been set, get them to explain to you what they have to do.
  • Find them a quiet space to complete homework to the best of their ability.
  • Encourage your child to speak to their teachers if they are unsure of the work set, We are here to help.
  • Encourage your child to go to homework club if you think they would benefit from extra help
  • Let us know if you have any concerns.


One of the best things you can do as a parent to support your child with school work is to encourage your child to read for pleasure outside of school.  Reading widely means that:

  • Your child’s vocabulary will continue to develop.
  • Your child will experience lots through reading that they may never experience in real life.
  • If your child has ever struggled to read well, he or she does not lose that skill by not practising it.
  • Your child will have an enjoyable past time as long as he or she picks something they like!

You can help support your child’s reading at home by:

  • Valuing everything he or she reads – comics, magazines, newspapers, blogs, non-fiction are all just as fantastic as reading stories, so let your child read what he or she wants to read, rather than what you might want them to read.
  • Hearing your child read once a week: this is really important for any children who have ever struggled to learn to read confidently.
  • Talking to your child a few times a week about what he or she is reading and what it is about.
  • Letting your child see that you read regularly too.
  • Encouraging your child to take a book out of our school library every week.