Careers & WEX

Year 7 is designed to raise awareness of the idea of different types of jobs and merely allow the students to appreciate that it is never too early to start planning future career paths. Also, team building skills and skills linked to jobs

Year 8 is consolidating ideas from year 7 but looking more closely at personal qualities, skills and relevant careers. There are also areas introduced such as financial capability, enterprise, networking and different jobs.

Year 9 concentrates on the importance of flexible careers plans, and who influences decision making. Plus research skills and using the Careers library specifically looking at career plans. It also furthers the learners understanding of skills, mock interviews and C.V’s. Session’s run by Miss Barrett offer support specific to option choices prior to Year 9 Options.

At KS4 delivery enables students to prepare for transition from school to work/further education through CV writing and mock interviews and units of work including applying for jobs and courses. Work experience is a fundamental part of the KS4 curriculum. Students also receive support packages in tutor time and have an IAG drop in day (Tuesday) available each week. Appointments are also made via tutor.

At KS5 focusses on continuing to raise students’ aspirations and help prepare for transition to higher education/employment.  Students access a wide variety of information sessions and events on higher education including; Finance talks, making the most of Open Days, university visits and UCAS preparation sessions from both outside agencies and Swanwick Hall School  staff.  Mock Interviews are held in the summer term each year.  Students receive tutor support packages and have a IAG drop in day (Tuesday) available each week. Appointments are also made via tutors.

A copy of the Trust Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy can be found here.


Swanwick Hall School's focus is very much based on ensuring every student receives excellent advice and guidance to enable students to make well informed realistic decisions at each key transition stage throughout their education.  Swanwick Hall School’s Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Program throughout all year groups in the school adheres to the principle of independent advice and guidance given to students in coherence with the Statutory responsibilities placed on Schools.

Swanwick Hall’s CEIAG Program adopts a combined approach to the effective delivery of CEIAG.   To complement the Careers Education lessons situated within the PSHE Curriculum which encourage students to explore Self, explore Careers and develop students’ Careers Management skills with their peers, students have access to one to one Careers Interviews with the Two Counties Trust Careers Advisor, Jemma where they can further discuss in detail their interests and ideas.

Using a person-centred counselling approach to interviewing, the interviews support students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become independent Career Planners as they are underpinned by Law’s DOT’s theory (please see diagram below).  By providing non-directive advice and guidance, the interviews aim to encourage students to make impartial, well informed, realistic decisions about their next steps; whether those steps are whilst students are currently with Swanwick Hall or once they leave.

Jemma is based at Swanwick Hall every Monday. If you are a student or a parent and you have any questions, or you would like to arrange an interview, please e-mail

It is never too early to start career planning.  With so many options to choose from and the likelihood of changing careers several times throughout your working life it is important to develop the skills required to career plan.  These consist of understanding yourself; reflecting on your strengths and abilities, being able to research options effectively, developing a plan of action and executing it.  Career planning could help you to open your eyes to careers you may not have considered.

There is also a lot of self-help information available to; you can begin your career planning journey using the websites below: