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Year 11 Record of Achievement

Year 11 students celebrated the end of their Year 11 at Swanwick Hall School with their annual Record of Achievement Evening.  The event took place in our sports hall this year and parents, carers and family members came to see our students receive their presentation folders and special awards were also presented. Students then left school and made their way to the Derbyshire Cricket Club where they enjoyed a meal and disco to end the evening. 


The winners of the special awards were:

Jack O’ Dare Prize - For excellence in sport and making a significant contribution to encouraging the participation of others through coaching or community work. Steph Hayes and Liam Newbold
Wayne Fearn Prize - For triumphing in the face of difficulties Amy Salmon and Charlie and George Bilbey
Governors Prize - For outstanding contributions to school and reflecting the spirit of Swanwick Hall. Isabelle Brailsford and Harry Wheatley
Sarah Hanbury  Prize - For showing real ability and flair in English Eva Gardner
Sarah Hall Prize - For achievement and courage in the face of adversity Alisha Haslam
Outstanding Progress Mackenzie Evans and Maddie Tomlinson
Outstanding Achievement Nicolas Willmer and Niamh Worthy
Attendance Award 100% since year 7 Mark Johnson, Adam Kirk-Ellis, George Protheroe and Faron Quinn
KS4 Exemplary Conduct and Attendance Award

Caitlin Barber, Mark Johnson, George Protheroe, Faron Quinn and Niamh Worthy

Cashless School and Parentpay

From September 2019, we are moving to be totally cashless and all parents will be required to use Parentpay to pay for trips and events in addition to using it to credit students’ dining room accounts.  If any parents don’t have login details to the Parentpay system then please complete the form from the school website or copies are available from the Student Hatch, and return to school; we will then send you login details.

For parents who don’t have access to the internet and still wish to pay by cash or cheque, you can request a Paypoint card which can then be taken into any convenience store or supermarket where the PayPoint logo is displayed, and payments can be made to credit accounts for the dining room. For other items such as school trips, you can request a Paypoint barcode letter which is unique to the student and the payment item/trip it is issued against. This is to ensure that any payments are correctly attributed on the ParentPay site.

If you have any questions relating to Parentpay and the options available to you, please contact the school.